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Aveling & Porter Ltd.

1914 Aveling & Porter 6nhp Road Locomotive - Clyde
Works no. 8471 - Reg. no. AF 4478
New to Mr S. Frampton of Upper Old Park Farm, Farnham, Surrey. Clyde spent the whole of the First World War hauling three wagons, three times a day from the horse lines at Aldershot to Hale, loaded with stable manure. Circa 1920, it was sold to Fred Smith, of Basingstoke, and it is believed that it hauled loads of bricks twice a week from Oxfordshire, for the building of old Basingstoke. After that, the engine went to Cornwall where it received its registration mark AF4478, the engine was then unheard of until 1960, when it was then to be found in the engine collection housed at Alton Towers, Staffordshire. It then moved to Yorkshire, from there, to the Gillingham area of Dorset, and then on to Hampshire. It is believed to be the only known roadworthy example of the YLD type in this country.

1914 Aveling & Porter 6nhp Road Locomotive - Clyde