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Rushden Historical Transport Society Cavalcade 1999
Engine Parade in arena on Sunday

This was their 21st Cavalcade and featured over 1500 exhibits. The engines featured here represent only a fraction of what there is to see.

If you would like to become a member of The Rushden Historical Transport Society, enclose a stamped self addressed envelope and contact The Membership Secretary, The Old Railway Station, Station Approach, Rectory Road, Rushden , Northants. NN10 0AW. They will let you have membership details.

Click on an image to see larger picture and engine details

1936 McLaren 4 NHP Tractor 'Bluebell'
Works No. 1837
1924 Burrell 6 NHP showman's Road Locomotive 'Earl Haig'
Burrell Showman's
"Earl Haig"
Works No. 3979
1923 Burrell 5 NHP Road Locomotive 'Badger'
Works No. 3941
1914 Burrell 4 NHP Gold Medal Tractor 'Jane Eyre'
"Jane Eyre"
Works No. 3626
1928 Foden 'D' type Timber Tractor 'Perseverance'
Foden Timber Tractor
Works No. 13068
1931 Fowler Hercules 5 NHP Tractor 'Highland Lass'
Fowler Hercules Tractor
"Highland Lass"
Works No. 19456
1909 Garret 7 NHP Agricultural Engine 'Margaret'
Works No. 28218
1922 Aveling & Porter 10 ton 'E' Type steam roller 'Gulliver'
Aveling & Porter
Works No. 10372
1906 Fowler 6 nhp 11 ton Agricultural Engine - Pride of Northamptonshire
"Pride of Northamptonshire"
Works No. 10855

1911 Clayton & Shuttleworth 7nhp 10 ton General Purpose Traction Engine - Enterprise
Clayton & Shuttleworth
Works No. 44103

1938 Foster 4nhp Steam Tractor - John Michael
"John Michael"
Works No. 14639
1912 Allchin 7nhp Traction Engine - Rebel
Allchin Traction Engine
Works No. 1546
1912 Wallis & Steevens 10 ton Steam Roller - Star
Wallis & Steevens
Works No. 7333
1910 Aveling & Porter 5nhp 12 ton Steam Roller - Betsy
Aveling & Porter
Works No. 7632
1925 Tasker 5nhp 5 ton B2 convertible Steam Tractor - St Amant
Tasker B2 Steam Tractor
"St Amant"
Works No. 1902