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Great Dorset Steam Fair 2002

1920 Fowler 8 nhp 17 ton Showman's - Renown
Works No. 15653 - Reg. No. CU 978
Built to the order of John Murphy of County Durham, without twisted brass but fitted with a Thompson and Walton Feast Crane It travelled with Murphy's Proud Peacock Ride for nearly 20 years.. "Renown" and sister engine "Repulse" were delivered in grey undercoat as they were urgently required to work and were supposed to go back to be painted the following winter, but never did. "Renown" was used to crane cars off the Scenic Ride and its fire was often kept in for eight days at a time because it was needed to pull, build and generate the ride. In 1920 "Renown" was travelling in Rippon, when a subsidence occurred and the engine partly fell into a cellar. In 1937 the flywheel at that end of the crank sheared off, so towards the end of the season it was towed back to the Tyneside shipyard for repairs. Because "Repulse" was not taxed, "Repulse" was fitted with "Renown's" name and numbers, these remained mixed until preservation. Circa 1941, it was used on timber loading in Cumbria and after the war stood derelict until 1952.

1920 Fowler 8 nhp 17 ton Showman's - Renown