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Easter Steam Up & Road Run 1999

1905 Fowell 7nhp Agricultural Engine - The Abbot
Works No. 93. Reg. No. CE 7694.
Owned by Jon Gorman, Sawbridgeworth. This engine is one of only seven Fowell engines remaining in existence. Purchased in May 1990 by the present owner. After a summer of rallying it was taken to boiler-maker Michael Maskell. There, a new front section of the boiler barrel was fabricated as well as a new firebox and front-end tube plate between November 1990 and December 1991. In February 1992 Jon and his friend Clive Constable totally stripped the engine down for a complete ‘as new’ restoration. The work took four months, with the both of them working every weekday evening and every weekend. Rubber tyres were also fitted at this time. With all of the important work completed, Jon and Clive attended their first rally with the ‘as new’ Abbot, at the Enfield Pageant of Motoring on May 28th 1992.

Jon Gorman's Fowell Traction Engine 'The Abbot'