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Enfield Pageant of Motoring (Steam Section) 2001

Foden Ltd
Built 1930 Foden C Type Wagon 6 nhp 6 Ton
Works No. 13764 - Reg. No. TF 3106
This wagon was new to Iding & Gillow before being converted to a tar sprayer for the Mechanical Tar Spray & Grouting Company of Reading, in whose livery the wagon is painted.

Foden Ltd
1925 Foden C Type 4.5 nhp 6 ton Tractor
Works No. 12300 (13484)  Reg. No. LG 8784
This engine was originally built by Fodens as an experimental half-track, but was rebuilt in 1930 as a tractor. (hence works no.13484)

Foden C Type