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The Easter Steam Up & Road Run 2001

The Threshers Bush Steam Club's annual event went ahead as planned, though public attendance was down on last year, probably as a result of the F&M crisis and the weather didn't help - cold and blustery. There was also a great deal of rain on Saturday evening/night, so things didn't look too good for Sunday's road run. Fortunately Sunday was on the whole, rain free and there were even some quite sunny spells. Engine numbers were also down this year, again an F&M contribution. However, among those attending, there were some making their debut at Easter Steam Up, notably 1913 4nhp Burrell Gold Medal Tractor No. 3510. Owned by Sam Hawkins from New Zealand (after the 2001 rally season this Gold Medal Tractor will be freighted back to New Zealand).

On Saturday afternoon there was an unexpected visit from Fred Dibnah, steam-roller owner and former steeplejack now TV celebrity. This was a pleasant surprise for visitors.

Below there is a selection of pictures taken at this year's event, courtesy of Adrian Chapman, Mark Worbey and Alan Nash.
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9 miles to go
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Sunday morning preparations
err2k1sn1ac04.jpg (28867 bytes)
Gathering steam Sunday morning
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Burrell Ex-Mayor
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Fowler, En route back to The John Barleycorn
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Saturday arrival
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Military vehicles
err2k10071.jpg (38381 bytes) err2k1sn1ac15.jpg (15747 bytes)
Model Foden heading off on road run
err2k1sn1ac12.jpg (24602 bytes) err2k1sn2ac35.jpg (26687 bytes) err2k1sn1ac08.jpg (22924 bytes)
Saturday Steam Up
st2ac53.jpg (30180 bytes) err2k1sn1ac19.jpg (32156 bytes)
Burrell tractor heading off for 9 mile route
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Arriving at the Green Man
err2k1_mw2.jpg (55516 bytes)
Fine weather Monday morning
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Classic motorbikes
err2k1sn3ac48.jpg (44304 bytes) err2k1sn2ac39.jpg (47249 bytes)
Water stop at The Green Man
st2ac50.jpg (33009 bytes)
Alan, Clive, Fred & Dave
st1ac29.jpg (31877 bytes)
Military vehicles