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Richard Garrett & Sons Ltd

Garrett 4 CD 4 NHP Tractor - Mr Potter
Dates from 1913 - Reg. No. BJ 1696
The engine with Works No. 31633 was new to Ephraim Clarke of Hadleigh. In 1915 the engine was acquired by
T & A J Mann, Timber Hauliers of Earles Colne. In 1936 the engine went to R Fenn of Frating and then on to
W French. During the 1940's the engine was converted to diesel power. It spent many years in a playground in Sawbridgeworth, Herts, before being restored over a three and a half year period using parts from Garret Tractor Works No. 34582, which stood in Potter Street, Harlow.

Garrett 4 CD 4 NHP Tractor - Mr Potter