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B.S.E.P.S. Roxton Park Traction Engine Rally - 1993

1926 Foden 4 1/2 nhp 6 ton Wagon - Tiny
Works No. 12364 - Reg. No. TW 4207
This wagon was new to E Davenish & Sons of Rayleigh, Essex and was used by them on a contract from the L.N.E. Railway, carting manure from the stations to market gardens. In 1927 it was sold to A H Stutley of Stevenage for £810. It was again sold in 1936 and was converted into a tar sprayer. It finished its working life with Charrington Hargreaves of Leyburn in 1962 and was purchased for preservation in 1963 by H Parkin of Yorkshire.

1926 Foden 4 1/2 nhp 6 ton Wagon - Tiny