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Wallis & Steevens Ltd.

1914 Wallis & Steevens 4nhp 5 ton Showmans Tractor - Royal Star
Works No. 7482 - Reg. No. AA 5459
This engine was requisitioned by the War Office and sent threshing to Holland’s of Chaddlesworth, Berks. By 1921 it had been sold on to Pondews of Shinfield, Reading, who also used it for threshing. In 1925 it was purchased by Goodey Bros. of Twyford who used it to haul their gallopers and other amusements. The last job was hauling wagons of stone to build the Twyford by-pass. It then stood laid-up from 1927 for 40 years until purchased for preservation in 1967. By this time it had a tree growing right through it. Royal Star is the only genuine Wallis & Steevens Showmans Tractor to survive.

1914 Wallis & Steevens 4nhp 5 ton Showmans Tractors - Royal Star